Additional Processes

Assembly & Value-Added Processes

AeroMotion also offers additional “Value-Added” processes such as assembly, sub-assembly and kitting. Our clean, well-lit assembly department performs operations including; drilling & pinning, bearing installation, painting, thread insert installation, seal installation, ballscrew assembly and efficiency testing. The assembly department is fully integrated with its own tool room machining capabilities, an ultra-sonic wash station and a passivation line. Our assembly services can help decrease your lead time, while increasing your incoming part value.



Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels Per AMS2700 or ASTM A967, Method 2 – Citric Acid

Production Planning

AeroMotion utilizes Made2Manage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for Planning & Scheduling of our manufacturing operations. Made2Manage is an industrial strength software that enables us to plan and schedule with confidence while maintaining the ability to execute changes quickly. Our production planners can provide up-to-the-minute detailed information such as:

Demand Forecasting

Promise Dates

Procurement Information

Production Planning

Production Scheduling

Production Analysis

Shop Floor Data Collection

Reporting and Analysis