Process Engineering


JO – Job Order
M2M – Made2Manage: Software we use for day-to-day business operations.
M2M Transfer – A M2M Transfer is the user interface within M2M which allows us to input, edit, and delete information stored in M2M.

CRD – Calculated Release Date: Refers to the release date calculated by Made2Manage based on the input due date and the estimate work load prior to the due date.
MPF – Master Print Folder: This is where all the information pertaining to a part is stored.

New Job Orders:

Repeat Job Orders:

  1. Open M2M and initiate a Job Order (JO) M2M tranfer
  2. Once  in the JO transfer screen search for the repeat Job No., found on the Job Order Checklist sheet provided with each job.
    1. You can search the JO transfer screen by pressing Ctrl+F, entering the Job No, and then pressing Ctrl+S.
  3. Use the  Part No. to search for previous jobs for the same part number, using process outlined in 2.1
    1. Review  the production traveler for the latest closed job. Look for mark-ups or comments on the previous process.
  4. Update the routing for the repeat job according to the markups and comments found.
    1. Note: not all markups or comments will apply to every job or every operator. Use your best judgment to determine which notes should be added to the routing. Ask questions!
    2. If updating the routing, update the standard routing and any other open or released jobs for that part number.
    3. Check to make sure the job routing is using the latest Mistequay Work Center IDs.
  5. Check for the following:
    1. ITAR Contract: Use a blue traveler packet
    2. DFARS: Check material certs
    3. NADCAP: Special processes need NADCAP approved suppliers
    4. Industrial: Use black traveler packet
    5. Government Contract: Update routing with latest contract # (heading & outside ops).
    6. Serial Numbers Required: Complete serial number tracking sheet.
    7. Spec Revision Level: If updated, update the Master Spec List on in the MPF.
  6. Is the part being sent to MGI?
    1. Yes – First time: Complete the Process Change Request form and fill out the Work Transfer portion of JO Checklist.
    2. Yes – Repeat: Complete the work transfer portion of the JO Checklist.

Closing Job Orders:

  1. Open Part Cost History spreadsheet.
    1. Location: \\Divdc01\Userdata\Lee\projects
  2. View the job in M2M
    1. M2M Transfer JO → Press Ctrl+F → Type in Job No. (ex. IAPXP) → Press Ctrl+S
  3. Use JO information to populate Part Cost History spreadsheet
    1. e. Part No., Customer, Part Qty
  4. Click on the Job Order Status tab within the JO transfer. See Fig 1
  5. Click on the Material Status tab within the Job Order Status transfer to see the material assigned to this specific job. See Fig. 2
    1. See bottom of Material Status tab to determine if the material was purchased, or from stock
      1. If the material was purchased, open the PO (as shown below) to gather vendor information and PO cost. See Fig. 3
      2. Load the information gathered above into the Part Cost History spreadsheet, as shown below. See Fig. 4

Figure 1:

JO transfer Fig 1

Figure 2: